Saturday, July 30, 2011

Birth of the Liberal Birthers

So today the Liberals began celebrating over a poll that puts them behind by 10 points. Yeah.

The poll was done by Forum Research.  So what does Liberal campaign director Don Guy have to say about Forum Research?

“It’s more than passing strange for this poll and its release to reinforce the PCs desired false frame going into the summer. I, for one, am not buying what they are selling.”

“This will be a rewarding but tough campaign, and there will be times our opponents seek to distract and divide us. We must stay resolute in our focus and discipline,” wrote Guy, a top pollster. 

Huh? Oh, I'm sorry....that's what Guy said about Forum Research a whole month ago, when they put out a poll saying we were *15* points ahead. I also found this post where another prominent Liberal bashes Forum Research for saying Rocco Rossi was in third place during the mayoral election. Hmmmm.

So I guess what we can conclude from this is that Forum Research is a gang of unprofessional hacks when they put out results saying the Liberals are going to die in October, and that Forum Research are the bestest, smartest, most perfectest pollsters ever when they....put out polling results that are incrementally less fatal.

Why all this doublethink? I guess it really must be hard for the Liberals being pushed to the fringes of society. The rejection of their extremist views by large segments of the population has led them to embrace radical conspiracy theories, like the idea that the right-wing media is conspiring against them and that Walkerton and Ipperwash were inside jobs. After all, 60% of Ontarians did not vote for Dalton McGuinty in 2007, so Liberal values cannot be Ontario values.

Now we have a Liberal Birther movement that is obsessed with Hudak's position on....well, birth.....and asks about his intentions once he becomes Premier. Or maybe they want to have Hudak release his records. Whatever. These Liberal ideologues need to examine the connection between their words and the actions of others, such as Ontario voters de-electing Liberals in large numbers.

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  1. Instead of the hacks at Forum research,the Liberals need a good,old fashioned LIBERAL polling firm,one that can always find the Liberals are slightly ahead,and McGuinty is considered the best candidate for Premier by a modest margin.