Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Liberal Libels, Vol. 2

It's time for another edition of Liberal Libels, the portion of our show where we take apart Liberal dishonesty using not the usual talking points! Because you can't spell "Liberal" without "Libel"!

Prisoner Proposal

-How many people would be surprised to learn that Liberal MPP Jim Brownell thinks our prisoner work proposal is a fantastic idea? Because he does! There's even a sound clip on that link! Clicky clicky!

-Has Liberal Community Safety Minister Jim Bradley confirmed his intentions to run yet? Nope! And boy wouldn't it be awkward if Dalton's prison minister quit before he launched his all important Hail Mary attack on this issue.

-Did you know that we have voluntary prisoner work programs in this province? And that all we want to do is make them mandatory? So we didn't just pull this idea out of nowhere?

GPS for Pervs

-Have a read of this Macleans article that lays bare the holes in our sex offender registry as it currently stands.  What's the big problem? Obsession with privacy. One bright spot? Mike Harris leading the way with Canada's first sex offender registry while federal Liberals dithered. We led then, and we're going to lead now.

-We already monitor other types of prisoners electronically. The Ministry website describes all sorts of things that are done when this technology goes wrong. So do these Liberals have any idea what they're talking about? Not really.

The Big A

-Let me post a list of pro-life Liberal MPP's, or MPP's who have given some indication that they are pro life.

Maria Van Bommel, Elgin Middlesex London. Mario Sergio, York West. (Sorry folks, he's running again.) Leona Dombrowsky, Prince Edward Hastings. Dwight Duncan, Windsor Tecumseh. (personally pro-life, folks!) Phil McNeely, Ottawa-OrleansKhalil Ramal, London-FanshaweLou Rinaldi, Northumberland Quinte West.

Dwight Duncan, hilariously, is "Personally opposed to abortion, but pro-choice." What does that mean, exactly? I think he needs to "clarify his position."

Much like Captain McBrea from WALL-E, Minister Duncan has a lot of trouble making his real intentions known.

And there are the many, many others in Dalton's caucus who haven't told the people at the Life Coalition their intentions! Would that make them "gutless", then?

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