Monday, July 11, 2011

Create-Your-Own Liberal Scandal (For Fun And Profit)

Step 1: Find one (1) Embarassing Fact about a member of the PC Party. The Embarassing Fact can be a quote taken out of context, an indiscretion that is neither illegal nor all that shocking, or some misfortune befalling the person that could not be helped. Bonus points if the Embarassing Fact is true of many or all Liberals.

Step 2: Create press release full of distortions and inflammatory language. Tone of release must be one of barely controlled outrage. Give impression that PC Party is about to split down the middle or that world will end if  PC Party elected. Describe events that did not happen. Append Embarassing Picture of Conservative in question to press release.

Step 3: Produce cheap website and lame video relating to scandal. Force staffers and interns to promote these items, possibly by appearing in public in cheap costumes. Make it clear to these staffers that their jobs are on the line if they refuse.

Step 4: Create false consensus by having Liberal-affiliated people comment and retweet items. Do not worry if these are the same 15 people every time. People are too dumb to realize something's up! Beat items into ground, not appearing desperate at all.

Step 5: Watch as polls remain unchanged.

Step 6: Repeat! Learn nothing from failure. Threaten that this is just the warm-up.


  1. The purpose is of course to divert attention from the real issues; You know jobs, taxes, debt, corruption.....?

  2. Here is an FB page dedicated to the subject. It's titled "Ready Made Scandals." Would love for you to contribute when you have time.