Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Bright Idea

Tired of sneering Toronto Star editorial cartoons like the one above? So's the PC Party of Ontario, it would seem. That's why they've launched Ontario PC Ideas.

Here, you can get the details on the PC Party's four flagship ideas:
-Create 200,000 Skilled Trades Jobs
-Implement a Public Sector Wage Freeze
-Competition in Public Services
-Fixing the Broken Arbitration System.

And far from being vague, there's a lot of info on why they think these are good ideas.

You can put forward your own bright ideas, too! And you can easily join one of our PACs, too, at this link right here. I bet there'll be lots of interest in joining our Working Families Coalition PAC, headed up by Lisa MacLeod!

At our recent AGM, we sat with caucus members and talked about other ideas the PC's are debating. I hope the PC's put these new ideas up on the site as well and let us and others comment.

Wow, there really is something to be said for being transparent yourselves before you demand it of Dalton!

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