Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Subsidy Subterfuge

Dalton says he's getting out of the corporate welfare racket. No subsidies allowed! Except those subsidies that go to green energy companies. Those don't count.

Just imagine that- subsidies for wind turbines in rural Ontario are okey-dokey, but revenue-sharing for horse breeders and trainers in rural Ontario is a no-no! That can't be right! Especially since one of those sustains real jobs, and the other creates not-real jobs!

While he's at it, Dalton can also end the practice of paying big money to make unpopular power plants go away. Like this one in Mississauga. And this one in Oakville.

Then there's the issue of how Liberal MPP's Jim Bradley and Ted McMeekin apparently twisted some arms to block the development of a potential quarry out in Flamborough. If it were proven to be true, having ''facilitated funding and legal assistance to the community group fighting St Marys’ quarry through the Greenbelt Foundation, chaired by former Premier Peterson’s senior policy advisor," would qualify as a subsidy, I'm sure!

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