Monday, February 13, 2012

The Power of Drummond

Well, I'll be dipped in beer. Dalton's going to privatize stuff, which is something he said he wouldn't do. And he's going to, um, not lower corporate taxes like he promised.

Now, here's what's going to happen:

-Dalton can never- never again- accuse us of wanting to "sell off assets".

-Dalton's going to annoy corporate investors. Again.

-Dalton's going to make people worried that he'll actually sell the LCBO and other assets.

-Dalton's going to annoy conservatives who want the LCBO sold lock stock and barrel. (Hey, Hudak! Now's your chance!)

-People are worried about more ORNGEs. (The problem with ORNGE was the public tax dollars, not the privatization, but let's let Dalton make that case for a change.)

-The NDP will complain, as they do, thus squeezing Dalton in the middle.

What next, Dalton? This is what tackling the deficit looks like. Don't be shy.


  1. Greg Soberra was on the John Oakley show and told a bald-faced lie that the Books were fine and the will be NO CUTS or tax increases. Oakley is on record pushing him to explain how the Libs will deal with the $10'000'000'000.00 a year in debt charges when he's over-spending like a drunken sailor to appease the Union based Working Families .
    When asked about the have-not Status, Greg said the number are wrong and it's the formula that can make any province look bad.

    Thank you very mush you mindless idiots and pro-Socialist Communist supporting Unions that demand more money as they vacation in Cuba to prop up the homophobic/misogynistic Communist thugs that Trudeau was so friendly with.
    How can Cubans be deemed "Refugees" when CUPE,CAW,OPSEU and other Union members vacation there with no guilt over the alleged torture and the abject poverty.
    Oh to be a brain-dead Liberal gorging at the Public trough and relaxing on the Beaches in Cuba overlooking the Ocean.... and the poor.

  2. Dalton imo is and should not be trusted period. Dalton will find a scapegoat to take the blame for his(dalton) own doing. and Drummond fit that bill.
    In other words, whatever Drummond suggest at what must be done to/for Ontario to get out the hellhole Dalton put his province into but somehow doesn't succeed. Dalton without wasting time will point a finger at Drummond.

    What astounds me is how the torontorian msm treat Dalton with 'kid gloves' without once standing up to him for the sake of Ontario and its people.

    There is nothing to be proud of Ontario for being a 'have-not' and very deep in debt province. But seems to me that, not many people know the position Ontario is in.

  3. See, Dalton? If you thought you were going to win over us PC's, you're sorely mistaken. :P