Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who Writes This Garbage?

What a lovely profile of Deb Matthews in the Globe and Mail this weekend, all for the purpose of distracting people from that whole ORNGE thing.

So imagine my surprise when I read this sentence (emphasis mine):

Tall with blond hair and a disarmingly direct manner, Ms. Matthews is a rounder version of her older sister, actress Shelley Peterson, wife of former Ontario premier David Peterson.

What the almighty hell? A "rounder version"?

Really? I'm no fan of Matthews, but.....really? "A rounder version?"


  1. How come it doesn't surprise me she is related to a big time Liberal politico?

  2. Yeah. I was expecting to read all about her Liberal ties as befits a puff piece like this. Instead, we get this bizarre comment basically calling her fat. Did the reporter get bored? Were McGuinty's press people having an off day?

  3. Bankrolled not by just any liberal, Big daddy Don Warbucks Smith, owner of Ellis-Don.
    If Deb wants a cabinet position, no need to smooze premier dad, just call daddy and he can lean on Dinky Dalton.

  4. Tall???? As comapared to what exactly? Round is at least accurate.

    The Matthews family built half of London during the 60's and 70's and into the 80's. After Peterson married into the family he was backed by them and eventually became Liberal leader.

  5. Rather than swooning over Matthews connections to the Liberal elite , it would be better for the media to investigate the apparent $6.7M payment from Agusta (Italy) to ORNGE ... but at least they did mention Matthews called in the OPP , perhaps after she looked up the definition of the word "bribe".

    Odd how the media went off the deep end over the Airbus/Mulroney issue but have been totally silent about the $6.7M "payment".

  6. I liked the "Hillary Clinton pantsuit" comparison. How can anyone take AT ALL seriously this type of 'reportage'. Am waiting to see a similar article on a male cabinet minister, or even just a politician (Justin Trudeau springs to mind).