Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Once More, With Feeling

If you're a doctor in Ontario, you don't get a raise. (Well, unless you're Dr. Chris Mazza of ORNGE, of course.)

If you own a race track with slot machines, you can't collect your share of the profits.

If you're a union who helped Dalton get elected, you do get a raise.

(And, if you're someone who got the crap kicked out of you at the G20 a couple of years ago, well....I guess this is as close to "sorry" as you're going to get!)


  1. Seeing as the average doctor is projected to make $361,922 in 2011/2012, I'm inclined to think it's a good idea to not give them raises. This country does have a deficit, and I'm quite surprised you'd be against this measure as it would be to help lower the deficit, or at least not make it any bigger.

    Same with the race track (though I don't agree with it as much, as people will lose jobs). If it is done it will be done to help with the deficit, which I thought was a top priority for you.

    Why is it you're concerned with lowering the deficit some days, and on others you criticize liberals for trying to decrease the deficit? It's rather ridiculous, and makes no sense.

    I do agree with you though about Dalton giving raises to union people who helped with his election, and about the G20, as both of those things greatly offend me.

  2. If we were to give either doctors or unions a raise, I'd go with the doctors. Dalton has the opposite idea.

    The government currently gets 80% of the revenue from slot machines. The farmers get 20%. The government already makes a billion dollars off of this agreement. Is this where they should be looking to save money when most of the waste is in the public sector?