Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Unfit To Lead (?)

February 15, 2012. The day Dalton McGuinty proved himself unfit to lead this province by backing away from the tough choices offered by Don Drummond. The greatest financial challenge since WWII, and Dalton screwed the pooch.

Dalton commissioned the province's top economist for a report on cutting costs which he won't fully implement. That staggering conclusion is, sadly, obvious.

Oh, but. But. There is another way. Christopher Hume and Thomas Walkom and Linda McQuaig make it clear. Dalton could raise taxes. Sure, it didn't save us from the current mess when he did it before, but it is right there.

Backing away on corporate tax cuts isn't the same as raising taxes. Backing away on corporate tax cuts doesn't fix the economy. It does nothing. It leaves things as they were.

No, if Dalton wants to follow the time-honoured Liberal tradition of booting the ball down the field, tax hikes are the only way to go. And the only way Dalton could get away with that is if Ontarians are actually that incapable of standing up for themselves.

Like, if they actually don't care if the government keeps its promises or not. Like they'd rather have a government that lies to them than a government that does the difficult but necessary thing.

Ha, ha. That'd be silly. That'd mean that Ontarians don't deserve to have good government. There's no way that's true.


Yeah, that's not going to happen. Instead, Dalton's going to forego tax increases, just like he said he would, and infuriate the left even more, just like he's already infuriated the right with, well, everything he's done over the past 8 years.

Dalton's the problem. Not the people who put him there and kept him there. Obviously.

UPDATE: Dwight Duncan says we have to wait for Budget 2012 to figure out what's going to happen. *Sigh*.....OK everyone, start up the countdown again......tick tock......


  1. Consider the uproar that ensued after comments about closing a few branches of the Toronto library. In the day of the internet it is a reasonable action to take even if surpluses were the norm.

    To some this action is akin to a war on children.

    What hope do we have of expecting a mature debate on these measures?

    Don't forget we already have had record tax increases in the last 8 years. Remember the health tax?

  2. McGuinty was unfit to lead the day he first took office.

  3. the only recommendations dalton will go for are those that increase costs to the taxpayer.

  4. The exodus of people, business and investment leaving Ontario will only increase as the Liberals flail about for more money to pay their "Working Families" cronies