Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All Politics Is Local

We'll return to speculating on an election three provinces over in just a short while, but first there's some domestic business to attend to.

Dalton McGuinty says he has found common ground with the NDP. We can all relax now, right? Um, not quite. Looks like the Liberals have ramped up their pre-election blitzes in opposition ridings. PCPO MPP Rob Leone will explain:

Now I ask you: what is the point of making robocalls if you don't want an election?

And why is Dwight Duncan getting the chance to speak on this file instead of the Premier? To burnish his leadership ambitions, perhaps?

Or perhaps it's because the Liberals have reannounced funding for the hospital in Cambridge approximately 1 zillion times with nothing to show for it and Dalton can't keep a straight face and pretend otherwise?

Speaking of not being able to keep a straight face, we learned today that the Premier giggles like a little schoolgirl when the topic of S-E-X is brought up, and he also says that the PC's can't criticize his budget.

Negotiations? What opportunity was there for negotiations? And why would you negotiate on a budget that claims to cut spending without really cutting spending?  


  1. I hope the victory of the Wild Rose Alliance and the example of the Saskatchewan Party puts some real spine in the PCPO, and also that these parties can send operatives our way to organize the PCPO to really contest an election against the Ontario Public Service Unions.

    Given the near certainty of an informal Liberal NDP coalition, Ontario will need to look at ways to dig out from a $30 billion/year deficit by the end of the term and an accumulated $400 billion in debt as business, capital and skilled labour exits the province in record numbers.

  2. Yeah, about that Wild Rose Alliance....well...check out the next post. :P