Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Exercise in Frustration

Today, Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath presented Dalton with what should, in theory, be a poison pill choice for the Ontario Liberals: tax the rich, or fight an election.
I have to believe that even the most ardent Liberal is not going to argue that Dalton accepting this demand would be anything less than a violation of his oft-repeated promise not to raise taxes.

So did anyone hear Dalton say, "That's silly, I'm not going to raise taxes on the rich or put them in a new tax bracket or whatever" in response to Horwath's demand?


No way. Instead, you heard Dalton blame the PC Party of Ontario for wanting an election. Not anyone else- just the PC Party.

Let me break this down for everyone. At this moment, it is Andrea Horwath's choice whether we have an election. Andrea Horwath's. Not Tim Hudak's. If the NDP supports the budget, we don't have an election. If the NDP doesn't support the budget, we have an election. That's it. It has nothing to do with Hudak anymore. Dalton McGuinty doesn't seem to get this. Dalton McGuinty's supporters don't seem to get this.

Now, if Dalton agrees to Horwath's demands, he's raised taxes on the rich. Something he said he wouldn't do. But somehow, he doesn't seem to be able to do the math here either. Neither do his supporters.

A couple of days ago, Rob Ford remarked that there was a double standard as relates to how people react to cuts- Liberal cuts good, Conservative cuts bad. But His Worship the Mayor has only identified part of the problem. It isn't just a double standard. It is a way of thinking that is limited by the boundaries of what the Liberals deem to be socially acceptable. Outside those boundaries, nothing exists.

As of now, I cannot provide any other explanation for McGuinty's behaviour and the behaviour of his supporters other than to say that the Liberals are a cult, and they are incapable of seeing the contradiction here. I should say that I do not *want* to believe the Liberals are a cult. But I see nothing that suggests otherwise.

So I'm putting the word out, Liberals. I know you read my screeds. I dare any Liberal out there to convince me otherwise. You know I can be an open-minded guy. Hell, I pointed out that the outcome of the Trudeau-Brazeau fight made Conservatives look bad a couple of days ago. I, a conservative, pointed that out. Why can't you point out that McGuinty is wrong here?

Just one little comment saying, "You know what, Mr. J? You're right. The election hinges on Horwath's decision, not Hudak's." You don't have to criticize your leader. You can bash Horwath all you please. You can even say Horwath's collaborating with Hudak. I would have welcomed that from McGuinty.

I don't think it'll happen.


Is it because, as the War Room Boss said in his column a short while ago, you regard your hatred of Conservatives as "a purifying force"? Is this entire exercise in delaying the inevitable progression towards Common Sense Revolution 2.0 some twisted way of satisfying your consciences, that you did all you could to keep it from happening? Are you afraid of losing face?

What is it that makes you incapable of getting the joke here?


  1. I was going to say that the responsibilty is with the guy who has to decide now.
    Horvath has made a line in the sand, Hudak made his from the get go, over to you Dalton.
    Its up to Dalton now to make a decision, therefore it's Dalton who will decide if we have an election.

  2. Hudak could change his position and vote for the budget.

  3. What is it that makes you incapable of getting the joke here?

    It is difficult for them to get the joke when they are the punchline.

  4. Colin: Is that what you're counting on to happen? Thanks for proving my point, by the way.

  5. Does any so called Conservative out there even give a hoot about the fact that a terrorist is returning to Canada. And does the fact that this terrorist get free health care, dental care, free medical prescriptions, free legal counsel and even the right to vote from prison even concern anyone out here?

  6. Yeah, I give a hoot. *hoot*. There's a hoot. Now how about addressing the substance of my post, anonymous friend?