Thursday, April 12, 2012

Red Whine

Wow. Suddenly the happy-go-lucky Liberals have turned into a bunch of cranky-pants.

We've got Liberal leadership contenders squaring off on the issues that matter, like what to do about spiking energy costs. Chris Bentley favours the time tested do-nothing Liberal approach. Dwight Duncan wants the mad-as-hell, sell-out-Liberal-principles business friendly approach. Naturally, Bentley carried the day, while Duncan continues to nurse his Paul Martinesque leadership ambitions.

This report suggests Deb Matthews has a looming battle with doctors, while Laurel Broten is trying to bully teachers back to the bargaining table. Even the firefighters- a bedrock Liberal constituency if there ever was one- are in a dispute with Community Safety Minister Madeleine Meilleur over whether to allow sprinklers in seniors' homes.

Heck, even those ministers that are typically kept quiet are getting into scrapes these days. Take Minister of Consumer Services Margarett Best, who decided recently that protecting Ontarians from high cell phone bills would be a great way to show those mean ol' private businesses who's boss. (Understand, of course, that because the government gets a bigger cut of hydro rates and gas prices, they think it's perfectly acceptable for those to be through the roof.)

What could be behind this sudden reversal? Surely not a poll that puts the Liberals in 3rd place?

Do I dare to hope? Have Ontarians finally had enough of these bums? Or are they just going to keep on taking it?

Time will tell.


  1. The Ontario Liberals may be "conflicted" but are the citizens - when will they wake up and vote outside the box of failed liberal policies. Cheers.

  2. At the end of the day, it really is all up to the people. Just ask Albertans.

  3. We need a Daniele Smith in Ontario.

  4. Funny you begin your post stating that liberals are whiney cranky-pants. Can't you see the hypocrisy in stating that on your blog where all you do is whine about the liberals, and get cranky about the goings on in politics? You sound like a smart person, but statements like that just make you look stupid. Not because you're wrong about the statement, but because you're criticizing them for something you do very much yourself, as you blog shows.

  5. Actually, I began my post by saying that the formerly happy-go-lucky Liberals have *turned into* a bunch of whiney cranky pants (cranky pants-es?).

    And why have they done that? Because they spend their time ignoring and marginalizing and insulting people like me who criticize them. It helps them ignore the fact that there are real problems in Ontario today. The harder those criticisms are to ignore, the angrier and more defensive they get.

    There are people who know that things are terrible, but they would rather lecture others about being angry. These are the real hypocrites. All I'm doing is trying to get Liberals to see what's really happening.