Sunday, April 15, 2012

Two Solitudes

I figured I'd get this one out of the way now (a week or so before the PC Party of Alberta gets thrashed) because in a week or so, nobody's going to want to hear it.

In a week or so, all the talk will be about how the Wildrose is the new power in provincial politics, and everyone will be instant Wildrose fans. There will also be discussions at length about how conservatives in Ontario should follow their lead, and how the problem with the PC Party of Ontario is, and always has been, that they have the word "Progressive" in the title, and that there are too many "progressive" Red Tories in the party, and the solution is to get rid of both.

Unfortunately, purging the party of Reds is only going to solve part of the problem. There are at least three major differences I can think of that separate the Ontario political situation from that in Alberta.

First of all, from what I've seen, the PC Party of Alberta has completely taken this election on the chin. Faced with an angry electorate who wanted change, they immediately defaulted to howling about abortion. However, what is obvious to everyone, including Ontarians like me, is that the PC Party of Alberta doesn't really care about reproductive issues- they're just using them to distract people. And they're not even doing that good of a job of distracting people.

Secondly, the PC Party of Alberta seems to be liked by precisely no one. Nobody in Alberta is about to lose sleep over Alison Redford getting tossed. I don't see any Working Families Coalition ads painting Danielle Smith as a patsy for oil patch executives. I don't see the mayor of Calgary, or any mayors for that matter, standing up for Redford. (Come to think of it, Mr. Nenshi has been awfully quiet lately. Didn't he help install Redford as leader of the Alberta PC's? Hmmm.)

Finally, Albertans, to their credit, do not stand for wishy-washy government and are actively engaged in provincial politics.

I was going to write a few paragraphs showing how the situation in Ontario is different from the above, but I hardly think that's necessary. Suffice it to say that McGuinty and his cult believe that they have a God-given right to government, actively borrow from Obama's playbook and frequently treat his advisors as honoured guests despite the supposed unpopularity of that administration in the United States, will profit from Working Families Coalition largesse and a bunch of affiliated municipal people in the next election, and that it wouldn't be a surprise to anyone if most Ontarians think Bill Davis is still Premier.

Oh, and as far as asking whether McGuinty really cares about reproductive rights? That's the sort of question that only sillies like me would ask.

By the way, did you know that Dalton's dear old dad once resigned as president of an Ottawa Liberal riding association over Trudeau's position on reproductive rights? True story.

So: If the coming Wildrose victory finally gets the PCPO to stop trying to win over people who will never vote for them and start being conservatives, that's fantastic. But by itself, it's not nearly enough.  


  1. Liberals have infested the party securing high postions [rotevted by fellow Liberal moles.
    A purge is needed in a bad way especially after the Mark Spiro disaster.

  2. By the way, notice that I wrote that there would be discussions at length. People doing stuff? That's another matter altogether, best left to Albertans.

  3. Albertans have David Rutherford a radio show who does a job that no other in Ontario can do as you can see for yourself 'Dalton is still there.

    In Alberta we are told reminded and talked about daily of the provincialy government of Alberta.

    In other words Albertans are well informed by David to their provincial government situation.

    I trust the Albertans to make the right decision for their province.

    When Alison R. brought up the subject NEP to the PM, he wasn't to happy to hear about.

    What amazes me is how the media in ontario and ottawa and surrounding area talk about alberta with concerns; I wonder why frankly since Dalton has driven Ontario to a 'have not' province.

  4. I have read many blogs and opinions why Conservatives in Alberta no longer believed in the ABPC's. Many of them could point to the latest scandal, lack of fiscal restraint, failure to protect and advance individual responsibility as a key factor for success.
    For most it was the endless encroaching and bullying that is too common when a political party believes they are too big to fail. They ignore the muscle cramps of their volunteers, front lines who call in sick.
    The writing on the wall about the death of the ABPC is something to be admired. It is a pity we in Ontario can't move as fast to take out the trash when it begins to smell bad.

  5. FYI Nenshi all but endorsed Wildrose. This proves only that he's a smart cookie. His enemy Rick McIvor has endorsed the PC's. So I voted correctly with respect to them.

    I don't think you'll win people by tricking them into thinking you are something you are not. Don't be ashamed of being conservative. Say it loud and say it proud. Don't be polite. Burst that arrogant self-congratuling Kinsella clone's bubble with facts and argements. Listen to the enemy and understand their arguments so well that you can have their side of the debate for them. Thats when you are the master of the discussion. You can lead them anywhere you like without them even knowing. It will become clear who is the right choice when all they've got is casting sinster aspersions and dog whistle inferences.

  6. The usual straw persons have been troted out for a looksee. Abortion and gay issues are not what Wildrose is about. We want government spending under control, less regulation and respect for individual property rights and speech. These are the drivers in this election. Cheers.

  7. People in Ontario would rather listen to John Tory on the radio rather than Dave Rutherford.

    Nenshi's all-but-endorsement of Smith did not make the Ontario papers, so far as I know. It certainly wasn't reported prominently. Because Nenshi is a Liberal, and his election as mayor of Calgary (and Redford's ascent to leadership of the PC Party of Alberta) was supposed to herald the dawn of a more progressive Alberta. Oops.

    If Smith's win is as big as predicted, the Globe's editorial staff will pop a vein. I'm reminded of John Ibbitson's freak-out over the ADQ becoming official opposition in Quebec in '07. Expect something like that.

    In the meantime, nobody will report on McGuinty's mistakes, except me.

  8. Oh, and you know Redford's "not your father's PC Party" ad? McGuinty could run the same ad in Ontario, about the PC Party of Ontario, which ran massive majorities by running *to the left* of the Liberals back in my father's day, and jump 5%.