Monday, April 16, 2012

Duncan Pulls A Clunker

Dwight Duncan just told a Globe and Mail reporter that his party can't make up its mind on whether to adopt the NDP tax-the-rich proposal. He can't keep the PC Party of Ontario from stepping all over his talking points in his own home newspaper, the Windsor Star.

Why do the Liberals let this guy Duncan and his Mr. Dithers, business-Liberal, 99-important-priorities leadership ambitions continually embarass them? Here they are trying to con Ontarians into thinking the PC Party skipped the budget lockup, and then all of a sudden Duncan shows up and we learn that the Liberals may cause an election because they can't decide whether they're going to break their promise not to raise taxes for the millionth time.

Let me give you a bit of advice, Dwight: If you want to be Liberal leader, you are just going to have to learn how to treat the people with absolute contempt and how to pretend things are fine when they aren't. That may not have been how you did things in the business world, but this is the Ontario Liberal Party, and in the Ontario Liberal Party, the truth is always going to take second place to whatever it is that's going to keep the conservatives from winning the day.

The Wild Rose is going to win the Alberta election because the PC Party of Alberta were trying to be pretend Liberals as opposed to real, just-watch-me Liberals.

Kind of like you.


  1. The Redford party has damaged the brand of PC. I refuse to refer to them as PC. They are liberals. Redford looks like a liberal, talks like a liberal, has the policies of liberals.

    1. The PCs are not the problem it is Alison Redford herself who is damaging the PCs plus, I think if PCs get a minority, the PC insiders will try and get rid of Alison.

    2. Duncan to follow the ndp in taxing the rich will create a problem for him. Most of the rich might not mind the idea but for others who worked their buns off to become wealthy then be heavily taxed may not stick around in Ontario.

      I wonder if any of the UNION CEOS that get their dues from the little guy will be heavily tax- let's call it ' redistribution of wealth back to the public from whom the union ceo got their dues from.

  2. Isn't it nice how this red Tory vs. blue Tory debate overshadows everything, including whatever Dalton's up to?