Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Suspense Is Terrible....I Hope It'll Last

What's this? Can it be that the gap between the Wild Rose and the Alberta PC's is.....gasp....shrinking? Hmmmmm. Probably just a blip or something....or....the campaign against Smith is working.

But how could a campaign by the elitist Toronto-based media be working against the Wild Rose? Isn't this an Alberta election, and isn't the Wild Rose campaign being run by the most Principled of Principled Conservatives? And didn't the Ontario PC's lose the last election because they didn't stick to their principles, while the WRA is going to teach all us timid Easterners a thing or two about how to deal with waffly quasi-Liberals like the PC Party of Alberta?

Of course that's what's going to happen. I'm just getting too worried about some silly polls.

There's just no way that the Alberta PC's are going to regain government based on a couple of wacko things some of the Wild Rose candidates said. If they did, well....that would mean that Principled Conservatism (which the Wild Rose has in spades) has nothing to do with whether we win elections or not.....and the only reason conservatives win elections at all in Canada is if the Liberals don't do a good enough job of scaring voters into voting Liberal.

It would mean that even Albertans value social acceptability of a candidate's views as more important than....well, anything, really.

But that's just crazy talk.



By the way, did anyone else notice that Dalton's budget vote is going to be on the day immediately following this Alberta election? Why do you suppose that is?


  1. Well, even that poll shows a seat projection that puts the Wildrose into a comfortable 7-seat majority.

    If the Wildrose can stay at roughly 40% in the polls, they have this election. Similar situation to what the federal Tories face, interestingly enough.

    Sadly, I do think the scare tactics has shaved a couple percentage points off of Wildrose, but I don't think it'll cause their defeat.

  2. All parties have candidates who make stupid statements during every election. The only difference for wild rose is that the media is hunting them.
    I find it very positive that the Media party just doesn't understand voters. Let them spin, scribble and read their own crap...they deserve it!

  3. The lib interest in this election is curious. Wasn't their motto "screw the West and take the rest."?

    So now when they are at 10% in Alberta (both federally and provincially) they pretend to be the moral voice in the province?

    On the same day these idiots want to praise the charter they admit that the charter cannot protect the rights of citizens.

    In the meantime they ignore in Ontario a racist policy favoring catholic funded schools and ignore that the most lib. province in the country (PEI) has by far the worst access to abortion in canada as well.

    Nice charter....