Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ring Ring....Hello????

You know, I always thought the purpose of the media was to inform the people.

Wow, that doesn't sound good. Why would the PC's be ringing a bunch of bells? Sounds confusing.

Hold on, let me ask actual PC Party people about this, since Mr. Radwanski here didn't.


OK everyone: The PC's are mad about Deb Matthews dragging her feet on forming a select committee to investigate ORNGE. Now because people like Radwanski won't write columns about the foot dragging, they're motioning to adjourn the House repeatedly until Debbie Doubletalk forms that committee. Annoying, I know, but sometimes you have to be persistent to get what you want.

If nothing else, this is going to give the NDP lots of time to figure out how to back out of this budget mess they've inherited.

Also....something's been troubling me recently. Some Liberals have been complaining that the PC's met with ORNGE back in 2010. But Deb Matthews- the Health Minister- told everybody she had no idea what was going on at ORNGE. That she was unjustly lied to. Look! Even Adam Radwanski praised her for taking that line!

So if Deb Matthews supposedly had no idea what was going could anyone else know?

Isn't it sad when the Liberals get their wires crossed like this?


  1. Good job on discovering the double speak coming from the Liberals (again).
    It is a shame we can't have the main stream media do the same job of investigating and informing the people at large.

  2. Believe me, it really isn't all that hard to discover.

  3. It is sickening beyond belief, how the conservatives are being painted as if somehow, BILLIONS have been spend on fighter aircraft (no orders have even taken place), yet here we have Smitherman, responsible for BILLIONS wasted, of taxpayers money, and the media yawn, and turn on the Harper government, with top of news, screaming headlines, demanding McKay step down.

    So McKay, who was kept in the dark, IS responsible, where the buck stops with him, according to the opposition and the media. Yet for Smitherman, HE blames the bureaucrats, and the media say NOTHING.

  4. Too many people are sitting around tolerating situations like the above, where Liberals get a free pass because they're Liberals. I'm not one of them.