Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day By Day

On Tuesday, the Liberals attacked Tim Hudak for wanting an election.

On Wednesday, they started to attack Andrea Horwath for wanting an election. (But did they say her idea to raise taxes was a bad idea? Nope.)

On Thursday, it was reported that the Liberals have started ordering lowly staffers to distribute press releases promoting their party's supposed plan for the economy during a Tim Hudak speech.

Which is....exactly the sort of thing they would do during an election.

How do these people do it?


  1. is there any chance the Hudak team are taking notes of what's going on in Alberta. Hopefully they are seeing how to run an election and destroy the Liberals in the next one.

  2. Dalton is in the same dilema that Bucky Dithers got into. All Hudak has to do is say no, this forces Dalton to shift left and out of the middle ground.
    Just look how he's been reacting and how he's trying to pin the blame on Hudak?

  3. The McGuinty Liberals are not going to just lie down and die the way the Alberta PC's appear to be doing right now. These people think they are the only ones keeping the Liberal legacy alive right now and they're prepared to do anything to keep their last bastion. They must be disabused of that notion.