Saturday, March 31, 2012

Perhaps I'm Making A *Bit* Much Of This, But.....

One: This is not an April Fool's Day headline. It's all too real.

And two: This is another example of how Tories underestimate their opponents and lose.

If nothing else, I hope tonight's upset drives that message home. :)


  1. Yes, you are probably making too much of this. Realistically, how many votes will change as a result? And will they still care 3.5 years from now? And if they do, were they really conservative voters in the first place?

  2. It's just a charity boxing match.

    Trudeau blew whatever chance he had at becoming the leader of the Liberal party (and making any sort of meaningful contribution to Canada's future) with his ill considered "I'd support separatism" remark.

    Canadians want leaders who are thoughtful and able to reflect intelligently on issues, not someone who can rule with their fists. (Indeed many Canadians came here to escape such rulers).

    So long as Conservative politicians can operate their brains faster than their mouths, we should continue to do well. If they ever forget that rule...

    1. You totally nailed that prediction, Thucydides.

      If, of course by 'blowing it', you mean winning an unprecedented landslide victory.

      Care to make a prediction for 2015?

  3. We're coming for you.

  4. Yeah, I guess I was just really disappointed last night. Personally, I wouldn't count Trudeau out just yet. Eventually they'll *have* nobody else!

    Anonymous: Oh really? And who would you be, exactly?