Tuesday, March 6, 2012


You ever notice that Dalton likes to make a big deal of how the PC Party voted AGAINST something he likes? Because the idea of an opposition party opposing is somehow weird and strange to him?

Well guess what the Liberals did today. They voted AGAINST. Against subways, to be exact.

Now, you may not agree with Hudak or Ford on subways. What is impossible to disagree with, however, is that the Liberals voted AGAINST. And when election time comes around, we will be sure to remind the voters that their MPPs voted AGAINST. And then voters can exercise their judgement as they see fit. I predict that many of them will also vote AGAINST, specifically, AGAINST Dalton's MPP's.

The Liberals can employ all kinds of justifications for voting AGAINST, such as the one many of them employed today, saying that they are for subways, but they are AGAINST a PC motion supporting subways. Presumably if the motion had been a Liberal motion, they would not have voted AGAINST it. Because that justification is silly, all people are going to remember is that the Liberals voted AGAINST.

Debate on whether the Liberals are AGAINST subways is now closed. They can say as much as they want that they are personally for subways, but their voting record shows that they voted AGAINST.

Wow, this is fun! I can see why Dalton does this all the time. It's like the need for debate on the issue has totally been removed! AGAINST! That's the end of the discussion. LOL.  

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  1. In Toronto subways make sense. This streetcar/LRT approach does not.

    On several routes in toronto which streetcar were given a dedicated right-of-way have been disastrous for the streets. On Spadina streetcar traffic is just as slow as before the expensive makeover. On Roncesvailles, most business were pushed to Bankruptcy because it where it took 2+ years to construct a 1 km stretch. St. Clair Ave has had just as much controversy.

    When I lived in Calgary one heard everyday about a collision between the LRT and a car. Spadina has multiple collisions per day between streetcars and cars.

    The vast majority of people in Toronto want subways NOT LRT and yet that is what is being forced.

    Mayor Ford is doing what the populous wants yet it is NDP councilors that are blocking this. The Liberals are backing this because they are in an another unholy alliance with the NDP to retain power (shadows of 1985-1987).

    A colleague of mine once worked at the TTC and many so-called transit experts were hired under Giambrone who came in, were paid big bucks and really did not do anything. I think there is a gravy train that is being protected and not being reported on that were invested in LRT.

    Our city is still hijacked by an NDP caucus who do not respond to residents unless you "Are of the body". They are still into social engineering and spending like drunken sailors except on services such as road, sewer, water, garbage etc.

    Just imagine ho much more damage they would do Provincially or Federally. We in Ontario are still recovering from Comrade Bob.

    Gerry from Toronto