Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not Easy Being Green

Huzzah! Another patented McGuinty Backtrack. Looks like wind and solar producers are going to get a whole heck of a lot less in subsidies to produce energy nobody wants. And as a bonus, it looks like rural Ontario locales that turfed their Liberal MPP's are getting some say in whether the government can plop down turbines willy-nilly, too! Sure your hydro bills are still going to go up, but let's not expect too much from Dalton all at once.

Hey, who was it who petitioned the government to stop running roughshod over rural Ontario in the first place? Oh, that's right. It was the PC Party of Ontario.

Now what does this mean? It means that whether you are a teacher's union, an environmental activist, a business leader, a doctor, a horse farmer, or one of those ubiquitous anti-development people in downtown Toronto who you'll be seeing a lot more of now that Barney the Duncansaur wants to turn a goodly chunk of the waterfront into Vegas North, you cannot Dalton McGuinty to follow through.

I wonder how come we haven't heard from David Suzuki and reliable McGuinty backers Rick Smith and Dr. Gideon Forman about all this? And another thing....why is it that when Ford wants a Ferris wheel on the Port Lands, city councillors stage a revolt,  but when McGuinty orders a casino to be built, I barely hear a whimper from the same people?

Could it be that calling McGuinty out on his duplicity and giving him a reason to back off on his ridiculous ideas is actually more effective than just repeating talking points? Could it be that if we were to examine McGuinty's strategy closely instead of just assuming he's already won, we would find that he's actually just making it up as he's going along?


  1. How aften shall we NOT be hearing of the McGuinty Liberal Gang :

    climbing down
    rolling down the hill
    retrenching for more deliberation and consultation
    sucking and blowing at the same time
    "Al Suzuki and David Gore made me do it before I was ready!"

  2. So let me get this straight...We pay every month for 10 years a portion of our HYDRO bill to pay Ontario,s Hydro debt..It gets paid off finally..Now this ass hole mcGuinty know it all nothing man puts us back into a 16 billion or more debt with his friggin wind mills that produce no energy.We are such morons,this man should be dragged out of his comfy seat in Toronto and tarred and feathered..We must demand that our Government cannot go into debt..And it must happen now..They must come to the people if ever they need to go into debt for emergencies..We DID NOT give this guy permission to spend our money like this..It is criminal and he should not get away with it.