Thursday, March 15, 2012

Snake Eyes

It seems local councillors in Niagara Falls are in a bad mood over the OLG's unilateral, don't-listen-to-local-people decision to shutter slots at the historic Fort Erie racetracks. What do you suppose local MPP Kim Craitor is going to do? Maybe he'll pretend he's not a Liberal like he's had to do zillions of times to try and save himself from this government's machinations.

Wait a second....I thought the McGuinty government respected local councillors? That was certainly the explanation they gave for voting against a pro-subway PC Party motion last week! Oh, wait. I forgot. That was last week. This is this week.

Maybe it's because last week it was all about Toronto, and as everybody knows, Toronto is better than everyone else. But what's the McGuinty government going to do about a recent poll that says people don't want casinos? We know he's going to ignore the poll that says the PC's are 12 points ahead, and talk about the poll that puts the Liberals 9 points ahead, but is he really going to ignore the famous Toronto NIMBYISM?

Who was the last person to try building a casino in T.O.? Wow, it was Mike Harris? And now McGuinty wants to do the same?

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  1. They have the same problem in Ottawa with the racetrack there. That is beside McSlime throwing out the Senators.