Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stand Clear Of The Doors

The fine folks at the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition have provided you with a list of phone numbers for Dalton's MPP's at

If the Scarborough Town Hall hosted by the TTC Thursday night didn't send enough of a message to Dalton, you can make sure he gets that message by calling whomever you are unlucky enough to be represented by and letting them know that you want subways, and ask them why they voted AGAINST subways. If you leave a message with your phone number, you will get a callback.

Rumour has it that Dalton is monitoring the number of calls he gets on this issue very closely and if enough of his MPP's get an earful, he just might issue one of his patented climbdowns on this issue.

Don't be like the people who claimed there were 30,000 plus individuals who were mad about robocalls, but could barely get a few dozen people out to Parliament Hill. Call your MPP and tell them you want subways. It'll make your Sunday.

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