Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Broken Telephone

Usually, when conservatives gripe about the PC Party, they gripe about the leader, the logo, whether we need to remove the P from PC, and other such issues.

Today I'm going to gripe about something a bit more substantial. You see, our party's relationship with the media, quite frankly, sucks.

Now we all know that the media are a bunch of Liberals who hate us just because and all successful Conservatives ignore the media. I get that we're never going to be loved by the media. The difference between us and the CPC/Ford is that Harper and Ford are in government, and when they take a pasting from the media, they can shrug it off. When we take a pasting from the media, it hurts a lot more.

Here is another fine column from Adam Radwanski in which he decides that the PC Party cannot oppose the closing of slots in Fort Erie and the opening of a casino in Toronto.

I don't know if anyone from the PC's bothered to talk to Radwanski and tried to explain that the government's stance is contradictory in that they are trying to prevent gambling in one place and trying to promote gambling in another. Wait, I'm sorry; the government is actually going hold a referendum on gambling in Toronto, because it's Toronto, so even if the government doesn't get to build a casino anywhere and gets no new revenues and doesn't fix the deficit at all, it won't be their fault. Wow, these Liberals sure are master strategists!! Or else they are just confusing the hell out of people and people like Radwanski are deciding that they are more in the right than the PC's because, well, they're the government.

Seriously, I can bash Radwanski all I want, but it isn't going to get me anywhere. His column is already written. Tomorrow there'll be another one about how Hudak wore blue socks on Tuesday and black socks on Wednesday, so he'll never be Premier. We can't do anything about Liberal friendly journalists. The problem is that we aren't getting any love from any journalists. And this is no one's fault but ours.

I don't know what it is, but there seems to be some sort of cognitive block amongst some Conservatives where we seem to feel that nobody's going to notice if what Hudak said before conflicts with what he's saying now. We had a situation a few weeks ago where what Hudak said, or didn't say, on subways back in the 1990's invalidates his position today. Did anyone notice that Dalton once said that he didn't want to start building casinos to generate revenue? Well, Radwanski did, but then he spent the rest of the article bashing Hudak, so never mind.

Either we can make sure our position on every issue is totally consistent, or we can stop acting so shocked when people don't give us the benefit of the doubt and we can also fight back.

Here's a great example: If the Liberals call the revenue sharing agreement with racetracks a subsidy when it isn't, then the party needs to loudly and firmly and repeatedly say that it isn't a subsidy.

Another example: A journalist asks Hudak why his position on subways now is different than what it was in 1995? Hudak says, "I appreciate that things are different now than they were 20 years ago. My position has changed for the following reasons." And then he tells us what they are.

And as far as the base is concerned, we need to get in on the act too. Can anyone explain to me why we are so quick to defend Harper and Ford when they get into trouble but we can't do the same for Hudak? We all hate Dalton and we all want him gone, and we gave Hudak a 78% vote to continue as leader, so where's the disconnect here?

I don't know who's responsible for solving this problem, but unless we solve it, we're going to be stuck in opposition forever.


  1. I notice that SNN rarely speak of Hudak far less have him on their show but they will interview the likes of the NDP that wants to shut down this nation.

    Why not write to Lillely's pad and give your two cents worth to what you have written.
    I thought that SNN would come out gun blazing to do the job what no other liberal media would do. DO THEIR JOB AS REAL JOURNALISTS and not selective journalism.
    Hudak needs media on his side and what a better way for him to have SNN to do the job for him but, no one there seem to take notice.
    Nevertheless, write to Lillely and.....

  2. Why should the SNN have to suck up to Hudak??The guy has a mouth,why doesn,t he get off his ass and seek out the SNN if he has something to say.Apparently his views on the environment and education and unions are the same as McSlimey or they would be plastered on every front page in Ontario..People are waiting for him to lead,not for the people to lead him.OPEN YOUR MOUTH HUDAK and speak up for the people of Ontario,don,t rely on SNN to do all your dirty work for you.

  3. Great Post and nicely said.

    I've stated before and I'll say it again...Tim and co. need to take a stand on several issues on how to correct the challenges we face on the destructive road we are on.

    Provide the narrative as to why the PC are the proper alternative to this disgrace of a government.

    Stay on message, stay to the point and then back to how a PC government will generate jobs, growth, investment etc.

    How about we point out inconsistencies such as:
    A Liberal government will support the will of Toronto city council on whatever they decide for public transit

    as opposed to

    Cutting off any type of debate with rural townships and their councils about installing wind farms and the possible health effects they may have.

    So the big city council can call its own shots but smaller councils are not offered that respect.

    The Liberals have provided enough ammunition over the last 8 years that the PC's should not be in this position. Take a stand, have a clear concise plan, communicate it properly and efficiently to the electorate.

  4. How about: Hudak needs to do more to get Sun News onside, and Sun News needs to do more to help Hudak?