Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Waffle

First things first. We're not going to an election. I am told the NDP's feet are cold and they are going to fold. And it is their call now.

If Tim Hudak had his way, though, we would have one. Good on him for not getting rattled. Like I said- either you follow through on wanting to vote against this, or you end up looking like the NDP is about to. Way to stick to your principles, Ms. Horwath! Why don't you just merge with the Liberals already? :P

On the budget itself, there's very little to be said that I haven't said already: Dalton boots the ball down the field on hard economic choices, ignores the advice he paid Don Drummond to give him, insults the intelligence of conservatives by tossing them crumbs, slaps the unions who supported him in the face, and basically goes backwards and forwards at the same time in time honoured Liberal tradition.

Now, because Dalton thought we were going to be the ones who knuckled under here (as evidenced by his clumsy copying of Harper's playbook) and because Andrea Horwath will be the one to support this budget over Hudak's objections, the time for finding excuses to support Dalton is over. If you don't like what Dalton is about to do, then there is only one party that you will support, because the other opposition party will support Dalton. Case closed. What's about to happen to this province, whether it's too many cuts or not enough cuts for your taste, is not Hudak's fault.

And for those who are still not convinced that the devil you don't know is better than the devil you do know by this point, well, we'll just see how long it takes before you stop paying attention to non-issues like the PC Party of Ontario having the letter P in its name, or the fact that some city councillors in Toronto don't want subways and that reflects badly on Hudak.

Have a little not-really austerity and see how it tastes on your morning waffles.


  1. How much is the party in debt? This is not the time.

  2. The NDP is going to fold, Steve. They're even worse off, especially after that debacle on the weekend. Thanks for commenting, btw. :)