Friday, March 2, 2012

Down The Youtubes

I really, really loathe Dalton's smarmy Youtube videos. Especially since he usually shoots them in his office despite a ban on Youtube, instituted by him, for QP computers.

What is going through this man's mind? Does he not realize that the teachers of Ontario feel entitled to say they've been "slapped in the face" by his new contract because he's been leading them to expect better and better every year? Does he think that his credibility with them is so strong that a Youtube video, of all things, will put things right?

You know what? Probably. Probably the teacher's unions can't be bothered to do anything but a token hissy fit. Because after all, they don't want to jeopardize their chances with the government. 

Look, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I hope, I hope that the teacher's unions won't take this lying down. I hope they will at least go as far as the B.C. teacher's unions and do something about this. Anything, so long as Dalton's team won't be able to say that they splintered the opposition to a wage freeze with a Youtube video. 

What if Tim Hudak was Premier, and, when confronted with this kind of admittedly lame opposition, he released a Youtube video? What do you think would happen? Would the unions roll over the way they're doing for Dalton now? Would there be a Globe article about the video?


  1. Dalton is pulling the culture war.
    He wants to make teachers the target of outrage, when most, even some in the union have zero problem with the proposals save one. Why is it only the teachers that have to take the cut, why not apply this right across the whole ministry to include everyone in the school system, school boards, support staff, and administration?
    Teachers don't have a problem, with the exception of the ones looking for a political career, with the cuts. But they do if this is done as a means of making them out to be the villain.

  2. The question I have is where is the hue and cry from the left and left leaning media?

    Consider this: When Flaherty announced that funding for healthcare would change to no lower than 3% and be tied to provincial GDP the left and left media claimed it was a cut and of draconian proportions.

    Where is all that rhetoric now about what the Liberals are doing? Flaherty is at least still giving an increase...McGuinty is giving zero. Does that not constitute a cut?

    Where are the claims of it's a totalitarian regime, a fascist state and all that hyperbole.

    Why is the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail not screaming this stuff from their banners on the front page?

    When Harris and team announced proposed changes for teachers back in the mid 90's the teacher unions marched in the streets...

    Where are they now???
    Where is the cry from the left of how unfair it is for the children and how they will suffer?

    This movie played out in the 90's when Bob Rae did it with his Rae Days and social contract.
    McGuinty and company are rerunning the same movie and now want and expect the unions to play nice.

    I don't blame the teachers or the union. If the person I was dealing with kept giving me more and more money when I asked or demanded why would I say no??? Why would anyone???

    And the ones who are caught in the middle are all of us regardless of your political leanings. We, the people of Ontario will be the ones who end up paying.

  3. It's pretty sad that the same professionals that educate our kids need to have Pictures adn Video to understand what dalton is trying to say.
    No wonder the teachers allowed Al Gore's movie in the classrooms , it had Pictures and Charts while Al spoke really slow to explain Global Warming at the level of an 8 year old that is too stupid to think for themselves and research the the actual Science that Big-Al left out.
    Poor kids, 10 years from nowthey will be in Universities and may take Astronomy and laugh at the Professor when the prof talks about the Sun affecting earths temperatures and weather.
    The kid will look like the village idiot holding up Gore's Movie as a fact based on the Concensus from those 1000's of experts nobody seem to be able to name or find to put on a TV show and prove their Theory.
    i say we had the first true Election-fraud and tax-fraud since the HST is now Provincial collected and may have been used to pad the numbers and lie about the debt and deficits that McGuilty and Dwight DumbCan hid from the taxpayers and bought the votes from the Public Unions.
    The 2-Stooges either lied or were have just admitted they are so stupid that they didn't know that the 7 billion people on earth werefacing financial harships from the melt-down like Greece and soon Italy.
    Pyramids schemes and scams were made illegal over 40 years ago and we know that the ENRON scam ran out of suckers to pay into the Pyramid-base and support the upper Apex where the first-in winners cashed-out their $$$millions.
    Except this Pyramid scheme by McGuilty over the last 8 years had the taxpayers as the SUCKERS to fund the Unions scam to expand the base with more and more members that got promised to cash-in at the Apex one day with huge bags of money and retire earlier with less work and better benefits.
    McGuilty just borrowed the Future from our great/great/grandchildrens pay checks tp keep the Pyramid scanm going , but it's now close to
    collapsing under its own weight or becoming "Inverted" to crush each taxpayer that must now support several Union member with the same paycheck as the income taxes climb to 80% and more until we have a Communism structure as everyone works for the State and we have massive welfare housing or the Cuban model to pay another 10% of your pay Check to the State for rent.

    McGuilty's heath-care tax went to the Public Unions, his GREEn fee scam went to the Unions, and now he wants to create 20'000 more jobs for the Union as baby sitters for all day day-care so teacher will have their kids benefitting from it too.
    Trudeau was a fan of castro and his Communistic State, castro came to canada for trudeau's funeral and not one Union member protested over Cuba putting Aids infected gays in jail to rot and die.

    It's time that laws were made to jail the Polticians that scam the public and get away with election fraud by cooking the books or telling lies prior to the election and then....ooops, we're broke people.