Thursday, March 22, 2012

LRT = Liberals Railroaded Toronto

Behold! The Sheppard LRT! Not the Sheppard subway, like you thought, and like the Scarborough Liberal MPP's thought in that letter they wrote, but the Sheppard LRT!

What does Brad Duguid have to say about this development? Oh, that's right: "We respect the will of city council." And when this mess starts to get built, who's going to get the blame? City council, of course!

Speaking of this mess getting built: Has anyone checked on the status of that power plant out in Mississauga, the 407 extension, those not-exactly-closed coal plants, those quarries up north, that hospital out in Peel, and all the other stuff Dalton was supposed to build or stop building? 

I wonder if anyone will remember this little episode when, in a little while, the Liberals try to build a casino and have to go through the messy process of a referendum. With subways, it'll be "Dalton listens to council and not the people," and with the casino (which likely won't pass a referendum), it'll be "Dalton listens to the people and not council!" And in both cases Ford will end up looking offside. Huzzah!


  1. Ya, because it's Dalton making a jolly good ass of himself on this transit issue, not Rob Ford, the mayor which the PC's are affliliated with. Didn't he run out on the council meeting wednesday, because he knew that he'd lose the vote?

    Oh, and why the hell are you pushing for a subway when the lightrail is cheaper? Is there no longer a deficit in this country to consider?

    I think at this point you just like bitching, because your arguments make no sense. Nice try though.

  2. Geez, I could have sworn Toronto city council, who made this decision, had a surplus, not a deficit.

    Come back to me in about 10 years when your brilliant LRT idea is over budget and still not built and we'll see which option was cheaper, hmmm?