Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2 + 2 = 5

Hoo boy, what a day for Dalton.

-After calling Tim Hudak's buck-a-beer musings a distraction for almost a month, Dalton moves to introduce his own relaxation on the liquor laws.  To distract people from something, maybe?

-After saying he will give Ontarians a rebate on their hydro bills which is barely a rebate at all, hydro rates get hiked again so we can all pay for other people's overdue hydro bills, which won't be as high because of the rebate, but which will be higher because of the hike to pay for other people's overdue hydro bills.....

-One of Dalton's MPP's tweeted that the, I can't bring myself to to type it. You'll just have to look at a picture:

No, the above tweet is not a horrible joke. I specialize in horrible jokes but this isn't one of them. It's all too real.

These Liberals are powered by sheer, unadulterated, balls to the wall delusion, and I need a shower.

1 comment:

  1. That's why Tim Hudak is NOT releasing his platform to early. Bcos lying, thieving McGuinty and his minions will steel his ideas.
    The minute Hudak said he would stop the green subsidies, McGuinty dreams up a 10% rebate.
    The minute Hudak complains about the increase on beer and that he would lower it, McGuinty again tries to top him by relaxing the beer tent laws.

    It is so obvious to voters that this clown has done nothing for 71/2 yrs but tax us to death, push is green energy scam down our throats and now, with elections looming, he's trying to act like he gives a damn about us!

    We should have a law that allows us to dethrone any elected/hired official any time we see him/her acting like Don Quixote, Captain Bligh, Stalin or the Emperor with no clothes.

    Donald Trump is thinking of running for USA President, but cannot make official announcement of yes or no until June this year. Check out what he has to say on youtube. Now that is the type of leader we need. A Ronald Reagan type. A man with balls, that would stand up and do us proud. McGuinty never ever will be that man. No business savvy what so ever! He's just a greedy, vote pandering career politician, that's all.