Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Q + A about Rocco Rossi

Q: How many Leader's Dinners, hosted by Tim Hudak, has Rocco Rossi attended?

A: He attended Tim Hudak's Leader's Dinner in May of 2010.

Q:  Were Liberals, such as the ones "working" on his mayoral campaign at the time, aware of Rossi's attendance at said dinner?

A: As aware as any Liberal can be about anything, I guess.

Q: Was there any pants-pooping outrage from Liberals when they discovered that Rocco had attended that dinner?

A: Nope.

Q: Who said the following about Rocco's "Bocce Balls" mayoralty ads back when they came out?

"The new ads, meanwhile, were developed by the same team that created the 2003 “Great Hair” ads for Toronto Mayor David Miller. “And that ended not badly,” (insert name here) gloated."


“Rocco can’t let Rob sleep walk through this thing,” explains (You-Know-Who) of the ads, which enlisted the help of the people who created Mayor David Miller’s “great hair” and “looks like a mayor” campaign.

A: Hmmm, no idea. It must have been some Smitherman supporter.

Q: How many conservative city councillors do we have in Eglinton Lawrence?

A: One. Karen Stintz, who was re-elected in 2010. The other councillor, Josh Colle, is the son of the current MPP Mike Colle.

Q: Was Mike Colle booted from McGuinty's cabinet in 2007 over the slush fund scandal in which minority organizations were bribed to stay in the Liberal fold?

A:Why, yes. Yes he was.

Q: Is it true that you have to be a special type of slimeball to be booted from McGuinty's cabinet over a scandal, given what we've come to expect from this government?

A: Why yes, yes it is.

Q: Would Rocco Rossi be an improvement over Mike Colle?

A: It'd be pretty hard not to be.

Q: How many votes did Conservative candidates get in the 2010 election in the part of Eglinton Lawrence where Josh Colle is now a councillor?

A: Rob Davis got 5399 votes. Ron Singer got 2275. Together, they would have had 7674, while Colle got 6668.

Q: Which conservative candidate did Rob Ford endorse in Eglinton Lawrence?

A: He endorsed Singer. For those of you keeping score at home, the guy who got the Mayor's endorsement got less votes than the guy who didn't.

Q: Come to think of it, how many Rob Ford-endorsed candidates won in Toronto proper?

A: Not that many.

Q: What is the chance that the Liberals will pull every available volunteer and person with a pulse that they can find back into Fortress Toronto to try and hold onto Eglinton Lawrence?

A: "Angry Liberals vowed Tuesday to work hard in the mid-town Toronto riding to defeat Rossi and make sure Colle gets re-elected."

Q: So basically the Liberals are going to leave a bunch of GTA ridings unguarded?

A: Yep.

Q: So basically, if conservatives vote for Rossi, we might win there, and even if we don't win there, our chances of winning elsewhere goes up?

A: Yep.

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