Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Heard Around Liblogs: Worlds Colle-iding

Welcome once again to Heard Around Liblogs, the portion of our show where take a look at things the Liberals are saying that helps our PC cause.

Now, there's no statute of limitations on dredging up old stuff that makes Liberals look like a bunch of goofs. Still you can imagine my surprise when a simple Google search revealed this interesting post dating back to the slush fund scandal of '07, in which the new Liberal golden boy Mike Colle was implicated and tossed from cabinet.

Who's the author? Why, no less than Lib muckraker M.J. Murphy, a.k.a BigCityLib. The post's title? "Mike Colle: Not Crooked, Not Competent." Ouch! Somebody didn't learn the lesson they teach in Liberal War Room School about deleting old blog posts! Ahem.

The "Not Crooked" portion of the post title refers to how no evidence was found that the bribed groups got money specifically because they had Liberal ties. However, you can read this Star article, entitled "Colle aide's group tied to slush funds", and decide for yourself. The article casts aspersions on Liberal Richmond Hill MPP Reza Moridi as well:

"The opposition parties have questioned a $200,000 grant a year ago to the Iranian-Canadian Community Centre, a group that is yet to build a community centre and has raised just $15,000 in other funds.
The president of the Richmond Hill provincial Liberal riding association was a director until recently, as was nuclear safety expert Reza Moridi, who is seeking the Liberal nomination for the riding in the October election."

Another Star article linked to this one talks about how Colle "had been a shoo-in for McGuinty's first cabinet in 2003 until a profane mid-campaign outburst against a young Conservative operative during a tour of St. Lawrence Market." Yikes.

Hey wait a minute, I'm a young Conservative operative! Well, if any profane comments show up under this post, I'll know who to point the finger at first.

Anybody else find it funny that the Liberal line on Colle is, "Never mind the guy's ethics, at least he never switched parties!"


"....wait, what?"

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