Monday, February 7, 2011

Debbie Doubletalk Gets Dominated Over Drugs

The above post title is not about a new X-rated movie, so get your minds out of the gutter.

Unless you like cupcakes in the bedroom, that is. Mmm-mmm.

Health minister Deb Matthews, a.k.a. Debbie Doubletalk, is the poster girl for Dalton's devious dealings with the public on health care.

You know the drill: Dalton promises to defend health care against those mean ol' Tories and "U.S. style health care", even though on Dalton's watch wait times have not gone down, emergency rooms have closed,  LHINs did spend ridiculous amounts of money on trips to Never-Never Land, optometrists were labelled as terrorists by failed mayoral candidate and Liberal left-hand man George Smitherman, and garages were converted into operating rooms.

And, e-health.  (That's not a sentence fragment.)

Dalton's not bothered by all this, though. He figures all he has to do is make scary noises about "gutting healthcare" and Ontarians will suck it up. But Dalton also specializes in hiding behind other people when the snack cakes hit the fan, and that's where Debbie Doubletalk comes in. Anytime someone gets mad about health care, Dalton just fobs the question off on his health minister and it's up to them to deal with the fallout. That's why he's had to go through so many.

Just watch Debbie Doubletalk fumble her way through a question asked by Thornhill MPP Peter Shurman about unethical bonuses doled out at a Richmond Hill hospital. That's Debbie Doubletalk, folks! Always remaining plucky in the face of overwhelming evidence of Liberal corruption.

Debbie Doubletalk is going to have a major role in the next campaign. She's been tasked with playing up Dalton's meagre accomplishments in the health care field. But a short while ago, Debbie Doubletalk had a major downer of a day when an Ontario court took a dump all over Dalton's new drug plan.

This drug plan sparked a war between the government and pharmacists as well as drug companies a few months back. It led to pharmacies cutting hours and jobs and may have caused the CEO of Shoppers Drug Mart to resign. The plan may have put people out of work, said Dalton. but at least we saved people money by forcing the industry to dance to our tune.

Well, it looks like the drug companies found a loophole in Dalton's plan and the so-called "savings" are on hold for now, at least until Debbie Doubletalk and her lawyers appeal. That's one less accomplishment Dalton and Debbie can mislead Ontarians about in October, and one more headache for his government.

How is Debbie Doubletalk going to get out of this one? We'll be watching, and making sure she doesn't get away with misleading Ontarians about what's really going on in Ontario's Health Care system.

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