Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Give It Up For Neil Reynolds, Everybody!

Liberal would be comedians are trying today to make fun of Jim Wilson feeling broke at the end of the month, but he's just broke at the end of the month. Globe columnist Neil Reynolds makes the case today that Dalton has permanently screwed the province's financial pooch.  

The topic of Mr. Reynolds' column is "McGuinty Should Just Be Honest With Voters And Declare Bankruptcy." The province is kaputsville, and it ain't getting better in Reynolds' opinion, so Dalton should admit what everyone else knows. There's lots of number-y goodness in the column for you economical types to crunch on, but I prefer knee-slappers like this line Reynolds leads off with:

"Suppose the Ontario government were obliged to obey the same laws that ordinary people are obliged to obey. In this improbable scenario, among other things, the Ontario government would be compelled to pay down its debt or to declare bankruptcy."

Just consider that request for a moment. Admitting you can't pay the bills is a tough thing to ask any man to admit publicly, but in Dalton's case being honest with the voters and declaring bankruptcy would be harder than most. I mean, when has anyone known Dalton to be honest with the voters?


  1. A liberal will never feel broke, if they were, they would just steal it from taxpayers.

  2. Liberals specialize in bankruptcy, be it financial, moral, or intellectual!