Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Their Way Or Get Out Of The Way

Sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice. But even though Dalton is clearly incompetent and relies on the mercy of Ontarians to keep him in power, we know very well when he's being malicious.

On Twitter this past few days- I kid you not- the Liberals have actually been trying to spin the fact that the PC Party didn't support Family Day into.....well I don't know what exactly, but the Liberals seem to feel that attacks on Family Day are outrageworthy. To the barricades! The line must be drawn here!

For my part, I thought Family Day was a big pain in the ass. My employer didn't close his place of business so I had to work, and the fact that other stores and suppliers we deal with were closed caused a lot of difficulties. In the real world, my reaction to this state of affairs would be totally understandable, but to the Liberals, you either support Family Day, no reservations, or....well, shame on you.

Of course, I'm a conservative hack, so I'm fair game. But let's say you're a regular Ontarian who's opposed to wind turbines. Or you're concerned about your hydro costs going up. Or you disagree with the government's drug plans. Or maybe you think, well, just maybe human rights commissions are overstepping their bounds.  Or maybe too much money is being wasted in health care. In that case....well, you're fair game in all those cases too. If you're an Ombudsman and you can actually hurt the Liberals, then they pull out all the stops against you. It is their way, or you better get out of the way before you get hurt.

Nothing annoys Liberals more than the suggestion that criticisms of their government are worth consideration. Dalton's Press Secretary actually took the time to admonish me for talking about the province's level of debt as if I or anyone could compare it to something piddling like credit card debt. Dalton himself says, “I’d argue on the really big things, the things that are very important to families, we’ve gotten overwhelmingly those big things right.” That statement is a direct challenge to us, us little people with our little ideas who are concerned about little things that aren't important to families.

Our concerns about how money is spent are small potatoes to Dalton. He's off doing important stuff and we keep getting in the way. So we rightly call him out of touch with Ontario families.

But it's worse than that. Dalton doesn't respect his critics, and those critics are the people of Ontario. I only need one example to demonstrate this:

A guy with cancer says he isn't being helped. Dalton says, "That's not true." Disrespectful is the kindest word that can be used to describe that....the implication that the man must be lying.

This is why it is important to restore respect for Ontarians, and a very good thing that Tim Hudak has made restoring respect for Ontarians a priority.

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