Monday, February 14, 2011

Dalton's Funny Valentine

It's a very unhappy Valentine's Day for Dalton.

-A new survey shows  Dalton's lost the love of many an Ontarian to the extent that people are less willing to vote for the local Liberal with him as leader.
-In the North, one of Dalton's lieutenants, David Orazietti, got into a lover's quarrel with the Steelworkers.
-Dalton's still feeling the fallout from his wind turbine kiss-off.
-The voters are still sweet on the PC Party according to the latest poll despite last week's onslaught of Liberal propaganda.

There must be an awful lot of blue Liberals in the province today with all this bad news! Instead of flowers and candy, Dalton's given them more heartbreaking mistakes and backtracks to apologize for. When's the last time Dalton really showed his party that he cares about their feelings? :*(

It's just like it was with Chretien, Martin, Gordon Campbell, and how it is now with Jean Charest: the Liberals keep apologizing for their man's mistakes and hoping he'll change when he never will. The Liberals need to find a leader that knows how to show them love and will treat them right. My money's on Chris "Smoove B" Bentley, who knows how to treat a woman....oops, maybe not! 

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