Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Debbie Doubletalk Dismisses Dissent

Life isn't easy when you're Dalton McGuinty's health minister. Seems every other day there's a group of concerned citizens worrying that health care in Ontario is going down the tubes under Dalton's leadership.

Lucky for them Debbie Doubletalk is on the job, telling everyone that everything is running smoothly even when it absolutely isn't. Incompetence? Waste? Outright rebellion? Debbie Doubletalk never lets the crushing reality of the Ontario health care system's systematic troubles interfere with her good cheer.

Today in the Niagara region, we have:

1) the Mayor of Niagara Falls
2) the majority of that city's regonal councillors
3) Liberal MPP Kim Craitor (!!!!)
4)  "many south Niagara residents" who were "enraged"
5) the Ontario Health Coalition
6) the Mayor of Port Colborne
7)  the Lord Mayor of Niagara-On-The-Lake
8) a city councillor in Grimsby
9) an NDP MPP, but he doesn't count

all saying that a local health authority's hospital restructuring plan is a financial mess.

Poppycock, says Debbie Doubletalk! She has full confidence in the system. She wants to work with the LHIN and the hospital system!

In my mind, I picture Debbie Doubletalk singing songs from "Mary Poppins" to herself as she glides around the province smoothing over these concerns. Just a spooonful of sugar makes the medicine go dowwwwnnn......

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