Friday, September 23, 2011

The Beat Goes On

Jumping Jiminy Christmas, when does the crappy news end for Dalton?

Many critics have already consigned electric cars to history's scrap yard, even though those vehicles are only now starting to appear in showrooms.

Batteries, they complain, are too expensive; their range is far too short; they falter in cold or hot weather. The often-gleeful conclusion is that the technology is wasteful, a boondoggle, and will never improve.

A new study from Britain, although sponsored by a group that advocates for alternatives, the London-based Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, seems to hand the naysayers some potent ammunition.

Of course you all know Dalton wants to bet the ranch on these jalopies?


  1. How is ideology like Dalton's not considered a mental illness in this day and age?

  2. God help us all if he is elected one more time!