Saturday, September 17, 2011

Liberal Screwup Roundup, Sept. 17th edition

These Liberal stumblebums are so incompetent that I could do one of these Liberal Screwup Roundups every day! And I think I will do just that!

By far the biggest festering sore on the disease-ridden Liberal campaign at the moment is the repeated attempts by Dalton McGuinty to show that green jobs are coming to our province by holding photo ops at solar plants that seem to close very soon afterwards.

You mean to tell me that, when people decided to look a little deeper beneath the surface of Dalton McGuinty's assurances that everything is okey-dokey and that green jobs are just rolling into Ontario, they found that it just wasn't the case? You mean to tell me that reporters actually did a little digging for a change instead of just taking Dalton at his word and found something worth reporting on? Stop the election, I want to get off!

Now how do I know this is wreaking havoc on the Liberal campaign? Because our old friend the Liberal War Room boss isn't touching it. He'd rather post old videos from the Toronto mayoral election. I just recommend that he doesn't drive through Eglinton Lawrence anytime soon, especially through the part of the riding that Mike Colle relies on to win, as he might get a little surprised at the high concentration of blue signs there.

Well, anyway, what else do we have to report on? Apparently you can pay your way to a space at the University of Toronto in Dalton McGuinty's Ontario. Here's the part of the article that really makes Dalton look especially bad.
Since 2009, the Ministry of Education has received dozens of complaints about private schools inflating marks — at least three were about TCI. One complaint filed by a guidance counsellor last year involved an R.H. King Academy student who had math marks ranging from 28 per cent to 57 per cent. That student went to TCI for Grade 12 calculus and scored 84 per cent.

The ministry is responsible for inspecting private schools but oversight is lax. According to documents obtained through freedom of information requests, TCI was inspected at least four times between 2005 and 2009 and consistently failed to assess and evaluate students in accordance with provincial standards.

Nevertheless, the Scarborough school was allowed to continue operating and granting credits. Between 2005 and 2009, at least 651 students have obtained high school credits from TCI.

Over in the Ottawa region, we have proof that Liberal MPP "Wobbly Bob" Chiarelli is twisting PC Party Candidate Randall Denley's words. And down in Kitchener, embattled Liberal MPP Leanna Pendergast is lashing out at her own constituents.

Prepare for the worst, Liberals. You'll be sorry you underestimated us.

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