Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Liberal Screwup Roundup, Sept. 6

I swear, if this keeps up we're going to look back at the May election as a relatively well organized affair for the Liberals. And these are supposed to be seasoned two-term pros, too!

Yesterday, McGuinty's bungling thugs booted PC Party Candidate Andrea Mandel-Campbell from their platform launch. I can't imagine why: with only 300 people there, they could have used the extra bodies. Go ahead and watch the carnage. I've added a little appropriate music.

Oh, but as the Liberals will helpfully point out, it's not as bad as Harper, is it? After all, McGuinty only wanted to keep out staffers, MPPs, and candidates, and since Mandel-Campbell is a candidate, she had it comin', right? I mean, Harper targeted innocent students, and students would never be asked to leave a McGuinty rally......


Well, what are the PC's doing when it comes to Liberal spies? No doubt equally brutal tactics? Like in this photo, where they.....offer lunch to Liberal Caucus Services Bureau employee and frequent spy Matt "Puddles" Boudreau. Hmmm.

I suppose the McGuinty government may be just pandering to immigrants again with this strategy. After all, many of them must be used to this type of treatment back where they came from, right?

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  1. The CBC guy who opposed Ezra from his attempted entry into the CBC lobby acted much the same way.
    What does that tell you - they all go to the same school!
    McGuinty's credibility - Zero.