Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Liberal Screwup Roundup: Sept 20th

In case you haven't heard, Dalton's junior energy minister told webchat participants today that a carbon tax is on the table.

But didn't Dalton tell Ontarians, three times running, now, that he would not raise taxes? Yes he did. 

Oh my. What a pickle. And it is in the media, thanks very much. So no, Liberal war room. You will not prevent this from getting out.

Significantly less damaging, but no less humiliating, was the reversal of a Sarnia-area Liberal candidate and Huron Bruce Liberal MPP Carol Mitchell on whether local jails would be closed.

Many questions surfaced surrounding the pending closure of the Walkerton Jail. Thompson committed the PCs to an "Economic Impact Study" to review the facts behind the reasoning and chastised the Liberals for stonewalling a Freedom of Information request into the figures governing the Liberals decision to close it. Robertson said it's a "yes or no" answer and the NDP party committed not to closing the jail, recognizing the 50 jobs that will be lost under the Liberal government and the funding lost to municipalities from prisoner transfers. He also said their's a need to tie in a regional addiction centre into the facility. Mitchell admitted there are "holes in the math" regarding the jail closure, but said her government is committed to keeping the courthouse open. 

And just think! There's a whole one-half of an election to go!

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  1. I would certainly value Dalton's "word" that he will not raise taxes......No really

    Rob C