Saturday, September 10, 2011

Two Get Away

What's that horrible crumbling sound?

A local Liberal campaign manager made comments critical of Premier Dalton McGuinty at a campaign launch Thursday, saying their strategy in the riding should be to downplay the party leader and certain policies.

In an audio tape obtained by CTV Ottawa, the campaign manager for Nepean-Carleton Liberal candidate Don Dransfield said not to emphasize McGuinty in their riding because of his unpopular poll numbers.

"I have polling numbers that are not the party's, but are separate polling places," said Morgan Rosenberg. "Basically, McGuinty's popularity in this riding is in the gutter, that the impression of McGuinty is not positive and people that associate with him tend to not do well in the polls."
Rosenberg also said some of the party's recent immigration announcements wouldn't go over well in the riding and she was in talks to remove them from local campaign flyers.

Imagine what they're NOT telling reporters. 


  1. Imagine what they are not telling reporters

    Imagine the reporters searching for answers. I can't.
    Or, imagine, the reporters demanding or asking Dalton serious questions. No wonder Dalton remained in government for so many years and driving his province into a 'Have-not' province.

  2. Is CTV burying this or have they reported it - they have the evidence (their own recording) - has anyone seen it in the MSM yet?


    Oh, it's trickling out there....