Thursday, September 22, 2011

Now Here's An Interesting Question For The Debate

"Mr. McGuinty, Andrea Horwath has commented in support of the Liberal-NDP accord of 1985. Will you accept her support in a similar voting arrangement after this election?"

Bonus points for pointing out that this support, if accepted, would be in spite of this.


  1. That question of course, won't be asked.

    The other problem with the Nazi business is that the Libs seem horrified so much that he should be fired. Seemingly these same idiots believe it is ok in our classrooms.

    We know that parliament is filled with liars, drug users, alcoholics, bullies and probably crooks. All of that is fine so say the Libs. But ,they say a reference to Nazi's crosses a line.

    Since this guy is a teacher why aren't the Libs demanding he not be allowed in the classroom? Is it the political support they receive from the unions? Is he good enough for our kids but not the stunts we see in our parliament? It speaks to their ethics.

  2. Just a wild guess, but since there is no mention of Marco's school-board affiliation, is it safe to assume that it just MIGHT be The Hammer's Sep School Board?