Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weak Tea

I am disappointed. Very, very disappointed in the Liberal campaign.

I was expecting the "A" game this time around. I was expecting them to create devastating wedge issues. Dig up long buried dirt. Tear our candidates down and make themselves look totally innocent. I was expecting real sorcery, the kind that would make me "ooh" and "ahh" in grudging admiration. I was expecting a campaign where they would do their damndest to make people forget all about just how much our province has declined under Dalton McGuinty. I was expecting a fight.

What are we getting? An attack on the Tea Party and a mangled quote by a former Premier. It isn't even the right former Premier.

What the hell is going on? Did the Liberals forget who is running against them? It isn't Ernie Eves. I mean, I know the Liberals would love to be back in 2003. But it isn't 2003. This is a different world. In the middle of the past decade, when Belinda Stronach dominated the Ottawa gossip scene and people were announcing Paul Martin as the next big thing, this type of inside baseball foolery was all very well and good, but in case the Liberals hadn't noticed, those people aren't exactly as in demand as they once were.

Screaming about how horrible the Tea Party is didn't stop the Tea Party. It didn't stop Ford. Or Harper. The Liberal solution? Scream louder and longer.

And- you may have missed it, but in the interests of fairness, I'll mention it anyway- the Liberals are trying to get a few measly policy planks out in lieu of an actual platform. Now if you were a reporter looking for a nice front page story, would you go with some promise to make teachers go to school longer, or would you go with how an ex-Premier was apparently rubbed the wrong way by some nomination wrangle? Whatever you choose, it's the wrong choice because the reporter still has to pick one instead of having one clear story to write.

Meanwhile, Dalton McGuinty is still going to increase your taxes. He's too chicken to admit it, so instead he snuck it into some coma-inducing report that nobody's going to read. Except us

Can it be that the Liberals are scared of losing? Can it be that they are worried about the fact that their terrifying attack ad blitz put them, at best, 5 points behind at the pre-election poll crunch?

I think so.


  1. Seems to me that blowing a double digit lead in the polls is kind of a big deal?

    The campaign hasn't really started. Timmy is in trouble and he knows it.

  2. A lead it still remains, my anonymous friend. Try harder.

    I hear McGuinty has a decidedly "more of the same" platform on offer. Just try and serve that mess up to us and see if we don't cram it back down your throat.

  3. Lol Hudak is useless. I'm sure the Liberals are touched that the bloggingtories are concerned about The liberal campaign. I think mcguinty should refuse to talk to the press and talk about chaos lapping at our shores

  4. What is it with people underestimating Conservative leaders and then those same Conservative leaders winning by big margins? :P

    Someone's got to be concerned about the Liberal campaign, because they sure aren't. I've got a better idea re: McGuinty- kick him out as leader before the campaign get started.