Saturday, September 17, 2011

What's Wrong With This Picture?

From left to right: St. Paul's Liberal MP Dr. Carolyn Bennett, guy wearing....ummm...ohhh boy...and St. Paul's Liberal MPP Dr. Eric Hoskins.

Just who is advising these people, again?


  1. How about the guy in the superman costume at an ndp thingy, NNW. Who is he.

  2. Link plz?

    And for those who don't see it....

  3. Next she will have a guy with a Marc Lepine T-shirt .

  4. I'm just stunned that Immigration Minister and jet-setting International Man Of Mystery Dr. Eric Hoskins doesn't have the sense to know that being photographed with someone wearing that shirt might pose a problem. Oh wait, that's not true, it's completely believable that he would do something like that.