Sunday, September 11, 2011

No, Dalton. YOU Apologize.

Dalton McGuinty is a little cranky that we're being mean to him about his precious tax credit for immigrants who are better than other immigrants and not for people who are not immigrants. He thought he could put whatever he wanted in his platform and that Ontarians would give him another majority. So he released a whiny video where he and his candidates stand around looking very very serious and ask for an apology. (Oddly enough, no actual immigrants seem to be present.)

And in this video, Dalton McGuinty says something amazing. He says, "In Ontario, there is no us and them. There's just us."

Excuse me?

The guy who has, for the past eight years, divided this province into two camps- his group of people who are taking Ontario forward, and the other group of people who will supposedly take everything backward- wants an apology because someone else used us and them rhetoric?

More to the point, why is Dalton asking for an apology? Is he an immigrant who will be affected by this policy? Shouldn't he produce an immigrant who will, on cue, complain about how they have a problem with how they're being labelled? I thought that's how this worked....or...maybe he just can't FIND anyone.....

Here's what I think, Dalton. You've demonized US for the longest time. You want an apology? First, you apologize to us.


  1. I haven't seen a look like that since the last time I had a deer in my headlights.
    Cheers Bubba

  2. Ya" know, I thought us suckers out here in BC had some vile corrupt, bottom feeding slime ball sociopaths for provincial politicians, but McGuinty really has to win the prize for the most detestable reptilian creature since Pierre (the turd) Trudeau. One colossal creep! Amazing people actually vote for him. Then again, I come from a Province that voted for Gordon Campbell, quite the battle of sociopaths.

  3. There was an us vs them when it came to school funding for non-Catholic religions.

    McGuinty is simply trying to delay the discussion about the deficits, e-health scandal, sky rocketing electricity rates, Caledonia inaction.....

  4. By my definition an immigrant is still a foreigner until Canadian Citizenship is obtained. If an immigrant lives in Canada for three years and then waits an average of one year to obtain an approval on a citizenship application - that is four years. So, for four years the target of this program is a foreigner, and not a Canadian.

    Hudak was partially wrong at it is possible that 20% of the target population for this program could in fact be Canadians - and potential voters. Or, he was about 80% correct.

  5. It has changed so many times. It started with "all new immigrants", changed to "new skilled immigrants", then went to "all Canadians who have lived in Ontario less than 5 yrs". How fast it changed was how loud people shouted racist and discrimination.
    So MCSlime used the term first.

    Also you have to live in Canada for at least 3 yrs before you can apply to become a citizen and the whole process usually takes longer than 5 yrs.

  6. If you'd like to see Dalton grovel and offer an apology of his own, visit today and sign the petition!

  7. @ Anonymous
    Great point you make:
    (There was an us vs them when it came to school funding for non-Catholic religions.)

    Hudak and team should subtly point this out.