Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Smoking Gun link between the Liberals and the unions, eh?

But the presentation leaked to me shows that top Liberal campaign organizer — and fellow Sun columnist — [He Who Must Not Be Named] -actually made a presentation to United Association Local 46 — a plumbers’ union — where he pitched the idea that they should become politically involved.

The 28-page presentation laid out talking points about the record of the Mike Harris and Ernie Eves governments, and tied them to Tim Hudak.

The last two slides tell the union members to act:

“Not just a lawn sign,” it says.

“Contact your local newspaper. Submit letters to the editor. Open line radio shows.” It also tells them to get involved with social media.

“Use paid media, such as radio or television ads,” says the presentation.

It said, “politically-charged campaigns launched by other unions have been successful in the past” — pointing to the controversial Working Families’, “Not This Time Ernie,” campaign of 2003.

Update: Wow, it's a regular free for all!

Premier Dalton McGuinty and the Liberal Party of Ontario should not be accepting donations from publicly owned or funded agencies including hydro utilities, the opposition parties said Thursday.

Elections Ontario documents show Thunder Bay Hydro donated the maximum amount allowed – $1,244.32 – to the local Liberal riding association last year, at a time when electricity rates are soaring as the province spends billions to rebuild its electricity system.

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