Sunday, September 4, 2011

Train Wreck

Good gravy. What a disaster the McGuinty campaign has become.

TORONTO - Ontario's governing Liberals hope all-day commuter trains and a new tax credit to help immigrants will "stop the Tory hat-trick" Prime Minister Stephen Harper suggested was imminent in the Oct. 6 provincial election.

Details of the platform Premier Dalton McGuinty hopes will deliver a third majority Liberal government in Ontario were obtained Sunday by The Canadian Press, a day before the party was to make the platform public.

The embarrassing leak has exposed the fact that even top Liberal insiders are concerned about some of the policies outlined to party strategists during a conference call Sunday.

An audio recording of the Liberal conference call was heard by The Canadian Press, in a leak the Progressive Conservatives said was proof the Liberals have some serious internal problems.

"It’s embarrassing that the Liberals, after keeping their platform secret for so many months, had all the details leak, said PC campaign spokesman Jason Lietaer.
Yeah, I agree that is an embarassing leak. And just what do we find out from this lovely little call?

-That the line the Liberals have been pushing about a 14 billion zillion trillion kajillion dollar hole is "just an excuse" to scare Ontarians. No, really. Liberal communications thingy Alicia Johnston actually ADMITTED to that.

-That they plan to build three new undergraduate campuses, but won't include details on where the campuses will be built.

-That their platform consists mostly of previously announced announcements. More on this particular outrage tomorrow.

-Their flagship idea is all-day GO trains....but only on previously established transit lines. It's expected to be super popular in the 905! Outside the 905? Sorry, I guess those people don't rate.

What a complete and utter bang-your-forehead-into-the wall disaster. I'm ashamed for the Liberals.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Ooooooh you know what I just realized? Dalton McGuinty wants to give a tax credit ONLY to employers who want to hire immigrants. But....wasn't he the guy who said a certain issue that dominated the 2007 election was "divisive" and could unravel the "social cohesion" of our society?

Oh wow. Oh wow. OH WOW.