Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This Is Why We Don't Comment On Polls

Now don't we all feel silly for being worried?

Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives are ahead of the Liberals by nine points, according to a poll of decided voters.

The Abacus Data poll found that the PCs have the support of 41% of decided Ontario voters followed by the Liberals at 32% and the NDP at 20%.

While the PCs had the largest group of supporters, a check of undecided voters showed they had the lowest room for growth.

I know if I was the Liberal War Room boss (who seems to be making a career lately out of writing Hudak off early on Sun TV), *I* would sure feel silly for jumping the gun.

This ain't over, ladies and gentlemen. Not by a long shot.


  1. That idiot Lib warroom boss wrote in the Sun the day before Harper's majority victory that Harper had lost.

    He also suggested that Canadians were tired of negative campaigns. He has done nothing but negativism in the last month.

  2. So I've heard from annoyed Liberals: "[He who must not be named] makes the messes, and it's up to [Liberal strategist] Bob Richardson to clean them up."

  3. Abacus? Bahahahahahaha! Owned and operated by conservative operative " Baby Face Dave Coletto".

    In other news, another poll puts lil Timmy in 3rd place in Toronto well behind Premier McGuinty.

    Not like Toronto matters though, they only have 23 seats or 20%. Bahahahaha!!!

  4. Is that you again, BCL? I suppose you feel the same way about Pollara polls?

    You don't have all 23 of those seats now. What makes you think you can win all of them this time? Been through Eg-Law lately?