Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dalton McGuinty on Daycare

Dalton McGuinty not only favours putting poorly manned daycares in your neighbourhood, he also just doesn't care about the dangers they will create.

An award-winning daycare in Markham has had its licence suspended after three toddlers walked out of the playground undetected, crossed a busy parking lot and entered a neighbouring drugstore.

A subsequent investigation by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services found that the children were being underfed and that the centre’s supervisor was not qualified.

The Markham Village Childcare Centre, located in a strip mall on Highway 7 near Ninth Line, was closed by ministry officials Wednesday.

Three staff were supervising 11 children on the morning of Aug. 16 when the incident occurred.

After the toddlers — ranging in age from 18 to 24 months and still in diapers — wandered out of sight, five other children also escaped from the playground through an open gate. But the five were rounded up before they got very far, say parents and a daycare staff member interviewed by the Star.

Store staff who found the little boy and two girls at the neighbouring Shoppers Drug Mart were horrified. “We all have small children and we couldn’t believe this was happening,” said cosmetics area manager Shireen Moniz.

What's Dalton McGuinty's solution to prevent this from happening again? Chain the kids together?

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  1. I believe that any or all day cares no matter how man children should be licensed It appears if there are 5 or less children the operator does not require a license
    Does that mean no criminal background check ?
    I was recently at a court case and in the process another case was up for bail I heard a young woman trying to confirm her eligibility to be an assurity As I listened she mentioned her goal was to open a daycare When asked a licensed one she said No that she would start small Now here is the concerning part Her boyfriend was up on charges of robbery and had a long string of criminal offenses and yet she wants to open a daycare I think its totally irresponsible to not legislate laws that required ALL day cares no matter what size to be licensed with a criminal background check including all involved MORE INFO ON
    Sex offenders caught working as clown, Santa ,magicians