Friday, September 23, 2011

Liberal Candidate: Chinese Earthquake an Inside Job


"However, a terrible and devastating earthquake that killed thousands of people changed world sentiment from anger to pity. Could the Chinese government have actually orchestrated an earthquake to sway world opinion? They were shooting missiles intothe sky to influence weather patterns; why not trigger something underground to cause an earthquake?"

Boy, I sure hope the Liberal War Room Boss issues one of his "fire-this-candidate-immediately" posts soon. Or does that just go for NDP candidates in Niagara?

Waaaaiting.....*whistles, looks at watch*


  1. Oh no don't worry Kinsella will spin it as the person being sympathetic to the plight of the poor Chinese community, being set upon by the Neo Con ideology.
    And where is the MSM on all these "little" bump in the road happenings in the Liberal campaign?

    Waaaaiting.....*whistles, looks at watch*
    I concur with you

  2. It's truly amazing that somebody this stupid can actually get a job.

    Where the hell did he learn about geology, from watching the first Superman movie?

    What a twit. This isn't 1945 where you can blow off a nuke somewhere in the world and nobody will know abbout it.

    For his information nukes and natural seismic events produce completely different waveforms. Nothing in nature produces a seismic spike like a nuke. The explosion is too impossibly fast to be anything BUT a nuclear bomb.

    This idiot is supposed to be the Liberal's offerring as a reliable decision maker to the Canadian public? How in hell is he supposed to make informed choices being THIS FRIGGIN STUPID?